Opportunity for International Players to Win $654 Million MegaMillions Jackpot With Lottosend

Opportunity for International Players to Win $654 Million MegaMillions Jackpot With Lottosend
Opportunity for International Players to Win $654 Million MegaMillions Jackpot With Lottosend

[Cape Town] [South Africa] October 15th, 2018 – Everyone’s talking about how the MegaMillions jackpot has become one of the biggest in the history of the US lotteries after hitting the whopping $654 million mark. If someone is able to match the numbers that will be drawn on this Tuesday’s drawing, they will win the third biggest MegaMillions jackpot and the ninth biggest lottery in the US. Things will get even more interesting if the jackpot rolls over again because it will then get bigger than the biggest ever MegaMillions jackpot of $656 million.

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While the pace of US citizens participating in the lottery has increased significantly, Lottosend is there to create those opportunities for international players as well. For someone living outside the US, they don’t have to come to the US and become a citizen to win the lottery. They can become a part of MegaMillions lottery while sitting in their country, their home by using the Lottosend platform.

Lottosend for International Lottery Players

The MegaMillions jackpot is $654 million right now. While that prize money will make a US citizen a millionaire in their country, it could turn someone in another country into a billionaire as well due to the exchange rates. It is amazing how internet allows people from one side of the world to take part in lotteries on the other side of the world. However, the first concern for any international player is the safety and security of their information and money.

Lottosend is one of the most reliable names in the online lottery industry for providing a safe and secure platform to buy tickets. The international players who think they have a chance of winning the huge MegaMillions jackpot can buy tickets safely and securely with Lottosend.

The process is as straightforward as it can be. They just have to sign up on the website, fund their account with the amount of money they are willing to spend on buying lottery tickets, choose their favorite lottery, mark the numbers, and place the order. After they have placed the order, Lottosend appoints a representative to purchase the tickets for the players on their behalf. The information of the purchased tickets is saved in the player’s online account. Notifications of any winnings are also received in the email or the online account.

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More Chances of Winning $654 Million with Lottosend

Lottery is all about luck. However, a player can definitely do a few things to get the odds on their side. The first thing that any experienced lottery advises to a new player is purchasing more tickets. The more tickets a person has the more chances of winning a prize they have. However, one has to spend money to buy tickets. For each play, the US citizens have to spend around $2. On the other hand, international players might have to pay a dollar additional on that price for the many valid reasons. Lottosend does the ticket purchasing for the player is one of the reasons.

The additional dollar can be a big deal for some players, but that’s where Lottosend steps in to favor its players. There are several promotions and bonuses that help Lottosend players get more tickets for smaller price. The first bonus is when a player decides to play multiple lines. They can get a discounted price for playing multiple lines and entering into multiple draws. They can then take advantage of these discounts to spend the spare money on buying more tickets and thus increasing their chances of winning.

In addition to these bonuses, Lottosend has developed two amazing promotions for the new players as well. There is a cashback and a deposit bonus promotion. The cashback promotion rewards the players for purchasing tickets whereas the deposit bonus is to encourage players to deposit more funds into their accounts so they can purchase more tickets.

A person who avails the cashback promotion gets back 100% of the cash they spend on buying the MegaMillions tickets in their account. If they play multiple lines and spend $30 on the tickets, their account will be credited with $30 cashback as well. For the deposit bonus, the player only has to make a certain deposit to get extra money into the account. For example, a player who deposits $50 in his/her account will see their account get credited with an additional $30. Consequently, they will have $80 in their account to buy lots of tickets and get closer to winning the MegaMillions $654 million jackpot.

Moreover, Lottosend is rewarding the existing players with extra cash as well so everyone has a chance to be the big millionaire with the latest MegaMillions jackpot. This promotion rewards the big depositors. Whoever deposits a big amount in their account gets extra cash from Lottosend. For instance, when an existing player deposits $150 into their account, they will get $30 extra from Lottosend. This $30 is like a gift from Lottosend to help the player have more chances of winning the life changing jackpot.

Manual and Quick Picks Available for Players

Lottosend offers its international players the same amazing features that are available to the US citizens. International players have the autonomy of picking the numbers on their own or letting the computer pick for them through the quick pick option. The quick pick option is to make the marking process faster whereas manual picking allow players to pick their lucky numbers so they can associate their wins with certain places, events, and persons.

About Lottosend

Lottosend is the modern way for players all around the world to be participants of the biggest jackpots of the world. People can now buy lottery tickets from the comfort of their homes using their computers and mobile devices, and hope to win life changing lottery jackpots. Lottosend is the favorite lottery website of players who want cheap lottery tickets through promotional discounts, and consider safety a top priority while putting their money on the line. Some of the most famous lotteries on Lottosend are MegaMillions, Powerball, EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, SuperEnaLotto, SuperLotto, etc.

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