How To Secure A position In Roulette Online?- Taking Advantage Of Roulette Wheel Bias Techniques

How To Secure A position In Roulette Online?- Taking Advantage Of Roulette Wheel Bias Techniques
How To Secure A position In Roulette Online?- Taking Advantage Of Roulette Wheel Bias Techniques. Image source: Pixabay

Roulette is surely not the only game that players will crave while seeking a casino to beat. The reason is playing roulette doesn’t include a commonly known advantage play technique, like card counting in Blackjack. Nevertheless, there are ways to beat the game through the wheel bias analysis. As far as we have observed this advantage gambling method has been considered as one of the finest ways to gain sufficient cash for a lot of players.

As a matter of fact pulling off the wheel bias isn’t really as easy as it sounds. In Fact a lot of players have stated this as an impossible trick to make profit in roulette. However, despite having such contradictory verdicts you can still give wheel bias analysis a try to earn lums of profits while playing roulette online. Let’s move ahead.

How Does The Wheel Bias Work?

Wheel bias is basically the process of identifying the roulette wheels which unconditionally prefer specific sections and profits. And it is categorised into three sections such as Section Bias, Pocket Bias & Dynamic Bias. For instance there is a wheel where the ball gets into a specific number of sections every time on spinning the wheel. Specifically if the wheels don’t act as random as they are made for and suffer wear & tear, the bias comes into existence. There can be certain reasons regarding the occurrence of this phenomenon, such as a vulnerable wheel shaft, deformed balls, loose frets and unequal sizes of pocket.

Usually even if the wheels are being played on the floor, the casino might not know about it’s special trend. Even under the observation of a trained eye players often observe a lot of wheel imperfections. Though you have spotted a vulnerable point it requires sufficient time to track the results. After all it is more difficult than you think to observe a trembling wheel shaft, deformed ball before the casino itself does. Spotting a biased section is way easier than spotting single pockets.

Wheel Bias Calculation

The probability of winning a number is higher on a standard European wheel than an American wheel. It’s quite simple to identify the theoretical break even point coming upto 1 in 36 and the profitability begins at 1 in 35. To analyse results you should aim for 1 in 32-33, even for the 1000 sample. It’s better to analyse new samples, if there’s a single chance of bias. But random betting on numbers will change the whole gameplay. Always use a definite strategy and place your bets on a group of numbers that will increase your winning possibilities. The best part is various strategy tools are accessible to track the results accumulated from the wheel bias calculation.

Why Casino Wheel Bias Technique Is Considered As Inadequate?

TCS John Huxley is currently the leading supplier of the casino bias technology. Where the combination of winning numbers and wheel speed are considered as an important factor, some of the players emphasize only on the winning number. Various conditions like the dealer, ball in play, and the room temperature are hardly taken into account by a random casino software. Specially the casinos considering the winning numbers as a sole factor may not realise that there wheels are already biased, which in turn serves benefit to the observing players. Surprisingly, despite knowing the biased nature of the wheels some casinos don’t replace them until they find a player taking advantage of it.