Betting Apps: Top Advice for South African Players

Betting Apps: Top Advice for South African Players
Betting Apps: Top Advice for South African Players. Image source: Pixabay

Online betting is on the rise in South Africa as it is in the rest of the continent and indeed globally. Fuelled by the rise in smartphone usage and the prevalence of mobile devices, it’s now easier than ever to get access to betting sites to make wagers.

Understandably then the trend is pushing towards betting apps, but they aren’t without their dangers. Here we provide some key advice on how to stay safe while using betting apps, and how to find the best betting apps to get the best experience possible for your needs.

Real betting apps are always free

Whether you’re an Android or Apple user, whether you download apps from the App Store or from Google Play or even another carrier, real and authentic betting apps offered by the official operator are always free.

It’s important to note that any app or website looking to charge you will not be the real and official betting app. There are inherent dangers in downloading fake apps from simple things like being charged for a service you don’t want, to having your personal details at risk.

But how do you avoid fake apps? There are two easy ways to avoid imposters. The first is to make your way to the betting operator’s website and download your app from there. Then you know you’re getting the real deal. The second way is to search the betting site in your app carrier and check the developer website and reviews.

International betting sites offer the best security

A number of betting sites in South Africa offer free betting apps, but it’s generally considered that the bigger, international betting sites provide the best security for your personal details.

When it comes to security you really don’t want to take it lightly, we can’t emphasise that enough. International betting sites generally have the latest state of the art encryption software that makes it harder to crack, so your personal details and your banking details stay safe.

The good news is that all of the biggest betting sites offer a free betting app for their users so if you sign up to a new betting site or already hold an account, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting one of the best betting apps anywhere in the world today, complete with state of the art security software.

Playability and usability

Betting apps are designed for one thing and one thing only – to make it a much easier and smoother way to access your favourite products and services delivered straight to your mobile, tablet or any wireless device.

No wonder then that online betting sites have carefully and painstakingly designed betting apps to provide you with the best service possible.

Download your betting app and take a moment to feel for the design and the ease of which you can navigate through different betting features, as well as different odds markets and sports betting.

Limitless opportunities

Now you’ve found a secure and playable betting app, it’s time to explore it’s true potential. A truly great betting app should offer all the sports betting markets and odds they feature on their website – which most do.

On top of that the best betting apps now offer a range of features, especially when it comes to live betting such as live stats, live odds, and even live streaming – all of which gets sent straight to your mobile device in real time.

Make sure to note that for the ease of the user, some betting sites like betway, have a number of different betting apps for their casino and poker sites.