Best Football Predictions Online

Best Football Predictions Online
Best Football Predictions Online

Sports betting is much more than just luck. Of course, there are aspects that no bettor can control, but research is the key to boosting your bankroll and making some money off of your favourite sport. In the past, the only research you could do was read previews in the newspaper. Now, there is an abundance of resources available. While this may be a positive thing, it’s hard to find legitimate sources of footy predictions. In this guide, we’ll show you how to discern between fact and fiction, all while creating a healthy betting routine.

Football Betting Tips: What Makes a Good Prediction?

As you already know, football is a sport of many variables. Thus, it’s easy to get confused and make the wrong decision about what to do with your next footy betting slip. By observing popular sites like, a pattern quickly emerges. It’s easy to get swayed by all the available options, so these prediction providers usually focus on the following factors:

  1. Form. When looking for the best betting tips, you should cross-reference the prediction itself with the team’s form. If a certain squad managed to turn things around with, let’s say, a new coach or some new players, then it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to keep that trend going.
  2. Goals per game. Another good indicator of correct football tips is the number of goals each team scores per game. An offensive powerhouse might face some difficulties when running into a defensive stalwart, so it’s relatively easy to predict how backlines and frontlines respond to each other’s presence on the pitch.
  3. What’s at stake? When betting on regular league matches, you also have to look at the situation in which both teams are in. If the Kaizer Chiefs are playing a relegation candidate at the end of the season, you can bet that the bottom-feeding team will put up a valiant fight to grab a point or two.
  4. Sustainability. While we’ve already mentioned form as an important factor, predictions also depend on sustainability. Once you’ve come across a tip, check to see if the team’s success is sustainable or not. For instance, if the league leader has two draws in their last two games, you shouldn’t sound the alarm just yet. It goes both ways too, as even the worst teams might grab some points every once in a while.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can understand how predictions work and you can also verify their legitimacy. Makes sense, right?

What About Win Draw Win Football Predictions?

Ag man! 1×2 betting tips are incredibly useful to bettors around the globe, but they always have an aura of unpredictability around them. This serves as an excellent challenge to anyone looking to break the bank. While it’s relatively easy to see who has the best chance of winning, the draw factor is always the thing that messes everything up.

When looking for the best win draw win predictions, you shouldn’t always jump the gun. If the two teams are evenly matched, think about that particular tip for a second. Do any of the two teams have a player that can be considered an X-factor? If so, what are the chances of that player making a difference against the frontline/backline of the opposition?

The key thing here is to know when to say ‘no’. If some football 1×2 predictions seem too good to be true and if the odds are too spectacular to be real, then you should most likely sit that one out. Also, don’t fill up your betting slip with games that are out of your range of knowledge. If you’re not sure about Premier Soccer League or EPL matches, there’s no need to add some lower-division firepower. Less is more and you shouldn’t always aim for gargantuan winnings. Sometimes, improving your bankroll means taking things in stride, one step at a time.

Free Football Predictions for Today: Should You Always Trust Them?

Even though we’ve covered all the essential things you need to know about finding the predictions, one question remains – should you always rely on external tools to influence the outcome of your slip? Honestly, there is no outright answer to this question. Of course, it’s better to use win draw win tips than to completely avoid them, but overdoing it with predictions can also be your doom.

To be sure that you’re on the right path, always verify every source of information. Use multiple resources and compare different predictions. If one tip repeats itself over and over again, then you might be onto something. If it’s a flash in the pan, then you should leave out that particular market. Remember, you’re not betting to prove anything – you’re betting to win.