South Africa Zimbabwe Border Violent Riots

This is abhorrent, barbaric, utmost evil & senseless brutality by people who call themselves law enforcers. These animals are shaming the real Zimbabwe Republic...
Cape Town protests.

No more media blackouts – photos

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has sparked controversy with its moves to censor some news content. Black Friday is the result. No more media blackouts.

Grand Theft Auto Tshwane

And yes there we have it the new much-anticipated game. With the serious protests, looting and widespread destruction of Tswhane no wonder this is...

Xenophobia, looting and protest damage photos

South Africa plagued by protests, xenophobia and erratic behavior Residents of GaRankuwa had a massive community competition to see who could loot and burn the...

You can’t script this in a movie

The ongoing violence in South Africa is something out of a science fiction movie but the catch is that no one can script a...

Hidden by the SABC and ANC, 12 shocking photos

Pretoria is on fire today. Share because SABC is not showing this due to Media Blackouts in South Africa. We can not allow them to keep...

People who dance on charred remains offer nothing to SA

You offer nothing for South Africa if you dance around charred human remains. With a violent society like South Africa it should not be surprising...

What the ANC and SABC want to hide – photos

Media blackouts in South Africa Protests in South Africa have become a daily life event and protests can erupt all over South Africa at any...

Top 10 most shocking South African photos

Top 10 most brutal South African photos In today's South Africa crime is rife and absence of governance by the ANC is a recipe for...

Chaos in Vlakfontein protest – photos

Chaos in Vlakfontein protest - photos On 14 June protesters run amok in Vlakfontein. The Golden Highway (R553) is blocked again today by Vlakfontein residents...
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