Election day unrest – Cambridge East London VIDEO

Reports of unrest happening at Cambridge East London have emerged. IEC officials fear for their safety after the community tried to burn down a...

Protesters burn van in Durban

Burning van during violent Durban protests.

People who dance on charred remains offer nothing to SA

You offer nothing for South Africa if you dance around charred human remains. With a violent society like South Africa it should not be surprising...

Riots on the N2 by Spaghetti junction in Durban

Riots on the N2 by Spaghetti junction in Durban Kwazulu-Natal road closed. The N2 South Bound between Spaghetti and Edwin Swales is completed closed to...

Truck burning during Durban riots

A truck is burning after protesters torched it during violent riots in Durban. Around 30 cars were left burned in the aftermath of the...

Hidden by the SABC and ANC, 12 shocking photos

Pretoria is on fire today. Share because SABC is not showing this due to Media Blackouts in South Africa. We can not allow them to keep...

Vuwani school burns – new images

‪Another school burnt down last night during violent protests in Vuvani, Limpopo. Pupils say that their parents and the African National Congress (ANC) government do...

Tyres being burnt in Durban protest

Protesters burn tyres in the Durban area during violent protests.

You can’t script this in a movie

The ongoing violence in South Africa is something out of a science fiction movie but the catch is that no one can script a...

ANC what have you done? – Warning graphic photos

Most people expect to see scenes like this during a full scale war but in fact this is an extremely common reality in the...
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