Planning is needed for safe holiday travels

Planning is needed for safe holiday travels

As drivers take full advantage of downtime and set their sights on holiday destinations across South Africa, it is essential to place an emphasis on the subsequent preparation and planning of these holidays. This will help create a worry-free, relaxing journey and, consequently, holiday.

The CEO of MasterDrive Eugene Herbert says, “Planning long-distance journeys is of utmost importance. Planning every aspect of a journey from the maintenance of your vehicle to route planning makes a significant difference to the safety of your occupants and yourself,” says Herbert.

Vehicle Maintenance

Completing a comprehensive vehicle check before driving long distances is as essential as packing for that trip. “Approximately 14.1% of crashes are as a result of mechanical failure emphasising the importance of ensuring vehicles are in optimal working condition. Avoiding the cost of preventative maintenance has another cost attached to it – the lives of your loved ones.


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