11 Hijacking safety tips

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11 Hijacking safety tips
11 Hijacking safety tips

Follow these 11 steps to help save your life during a hijacking:

  1. The first thing you need to do during a hijacking is give the jackers access to your vehicle because at the end of the day, that is what they want.
  2. Start by keeping your hands up and in plain sight or on your steering wheel in order for the jackers to see you are not trying to reach for an object to fight back or your cellphone to call the police.
  3. Slowly start moving your left hand toward the window control to open the window and lift your hands back up immediately to show you are not going to become a threat.
  4. Keep looking at the steering wheel to avoid any temptation of wanting to look at the jackers face for recognition purposes.
  5. By this point, the jackers have probably opened the car door to gain access to your vehicle.
  6. Use your left thumb to slowly un-clip your seat belt.
  7. Don’t climb out of the car until they pull you out or ask you to get out. Imagine if all they planned on taking was your cellphone or wallet and now you have just relinquished your car to them?
  8. Be prepared for injuries. The jackers may leave you unharmed (best case scenario) however, there are also many situations where people are assaulted, shot or stabbed. It’s better to be prepared for an injury so that your body doesn’t go into as much shock as it would if you were hoping for no injury.
  9. When stepping out of the car, keep your head down to refrain your eyes from looking at the jackers.
  10. As much as you would want to look at the hijackers face for recognition purposes when heading to the police after the attack, refrain from doing this. Having any form of recognition will only give them more reason to want to injure you or even worse, take you with them in the vehicle.
  11. When ordered to get out of the car, do it slowly and start crouching on the ground to show that you have completely surrendered to the situation.

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