When Debt Is Frightful, Nothing Is Delightful


Jane’s daughter got severely ill during 2015… And because of this unexpected turn of events, she was constantly on and off at work. It almost caused her to resign. Her salary got less and less and she couldn’t afford to pay her accounts any longer. Jane and her husband fell into a financial crisis, even though her husband was working.  Living expenses also got out of hand and the couple had to walk the unfortunate road of divorce. With all the attorney fees and the creditors on Jane’s back, she had a severe setback in her life because of DEBT.

Being over-indebted is NOT delightful, no two ways about it. But, life happens and sometimes women just don’t have control over the financial implications certain situations can bring. Zeeva’s team encourages women to not lose hope and to take control of their finances as well as their decision making when it comes to their money. The team therefore shares some of the most important tips women can take note of when it comes to finances and minimalising their debt.

  • Financial goals are important: Ladies need to stop comparing their past financial reality with where they are right now. They need to envision their financial future and write down their goals, where they want their finances to be in a few years’ time. Financial goals include short (saving for the Christmas dinner), medium (getting rid of a clothing account’s debt) and long-term goals (investing in a retirement annuity).
  • Budget, budget, budget: Women’s financial goals are going nowhere without a proper budget in place. There is no need to make use of a complicated budget template that adds to their daily juggles or frustrations. They should rather make use of a user-friendly one (try Zeeva’s template) and a phone app like: 22seven or Spending Tracker.
  • Add some discipline & endurance: Ladies need to make deliberate choices and stick to them:  looking high and low for ways to clear their excessive debt and to save whenever they can. They can add regular discipline to their routine when it comes to saving and splurges. The result(s) of their endurance will be worth it in the long run.
  • Savings are lifesavers: There are various blogs, social media and web posts that give handy tips on being savings-wise. July was also National Savings Month – take a look at Zeeva’s article. Ladies need to remember – it they are not saving, they are surely making more debt.
  • Get rid of debt: Getting rid of debt is not easy and won’t happen overnight. But, women can choose to take back control of their debt situation by clearing their different debts bit by bit. They can start getting rid of a ‘small’ debt like a clothing account first, and move on to get the next ‘bigger’ debt like the car’s instalment, out of the way. Women can also ask for professional help, if, they are completely overwhelmed with their current debt situation. Bankers, financial planners and debt counsellors are available to offer the best assistance to help them with excessive debt. 

Although Jane got confronted with a big stumbling block – DEBT, she was later offered a permanent employment position. The tables have turned and Jane is doing much better now. Because of Jane’s stable income, and seeking professional help, she is getting rid of her debt with an affordable payment plan.

If there are women whom already feel frightened by all their debt – they are more than welcome to contact Zeeva. This Debt Management Program has been specifically designed for women by women, and can lead over-indebted ladies to a debt-free future.  Ladies can text their name, ZEEVA and send a free SMS to 30967 for a debt assessment (at no cost).


About Zeeva:

The Zeeva Debt Management Program is the first company in South Africa to combine the power of the NCR’s debt review process with benefits exclusively created for women. Zeeva aims to empower South African women so that they can take back control over their debt – providing them with support and breathing space to get their glow back. Contact one of their skilled debt advisors:  0861 444 483; email: [email protected] or SMS “Your Name & ZEEVA” to 30967 (free SMS).

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