How to Find a Perfect Couple Ring for Your Wedding?

How to Find a Perfect Couple Ring for Your Wedding?
How to Find a Perfect Couple Ring for Your Wedding?

When you plan to get hitched, the first thing that pops to your mind is ring shopping, visit MoissaniteCo for great options. Picking the perfect ring for your better half makes the occasions more auspicious and wonderful. However, it needs some planning and mindful selection.

The latest trend in the wedding market is the couple rings where you can select matching bands for the two of you. It is a modern take on the classic tradition. You can choose couple rings even for other special moments that you share with your partner at various stages of your relationships.

And if you think selecting the right one is challenging, here are some tips to help.

Understand Your Needs and Desires

When it comes to the most important moment of your life, you would not want to do anything in half measures. So, why hold back in your wedding ring selection. Assess your requirements, likes, personalities, and budget to buy couple rings that tick all the right boxes. A budget can narrow down your choices to a selected few.

Similarly, if you follow the individual likes, you can pick a design that complements the contrasts and similarities of your relationship. Zodiac gemstones are an apt choice in this regard. They offer a variety of options ranging from understated rings to statement bands with solitaire precious stones like blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, emerald, hessonite, ruby, etc.

Select the Perfect Shape

Shape or cut of your wedding ring is an important element of the selection. If your partner prefers a simple and classic round cut, you may find it at a much affordable price than fancy princess cut, emerald, peer shape, marquise, etc.

You may even choose the right carat size for the ring before approaching a seller. Remember, the prices of gemstone jewelry vary according to their weight and cut as well. So, if you can find more carats with a simple cut, you will pay less for such a ring.

Select the Right Metal Band

Yellow gold and sterling silver are the forever choices for gemstone wedding rings. But you are not limited by any choice when it comes to celebrating your special moments. White gold, platinum, and rose gold have emerged as the latest trends in the jewelry market. Hence, it is no surprise that gemstone jewelry is also available in these metals now.

Platinum may look similar to silver, but it carries a higher price tag and greater density underscored by its rarity. Also, the choice of metal should depend on your lifestyle. Remember, some metals can scratch easily and have a much shorter lifespan than others. So, if you think your ring would undergo daily wear and tear due to housework or your job, choose a sturdy metal instead of delicate ones.

Get the Right Measurements

Measuring your ring fingers before buying rings is essential to get the right fit. After all, you would not want a ring that cuts into your skin or constricts the circulation. And a loose ring carries the risk of falling off or getting lost.

Hence, choose an ideal sizing where the ring fits you snugly without causing any discomfort or hindrance in your daily work. If you are not shopping together with your partner, get yourself measured at a jewelry store and follow the same measurements whenever you go out shopping or buy your gemstone ring online.

Choose the Right Gemstone

If you have opted to ditch diamonds and choose colored gemstone instead, you may feel spoiled for choice. The gemstones are available in a plethora of colors, shapes, sizes, and cuts to suit every need and budget. Of course, the looks matter and you would want to pick a ring that fascinates you the most. But gemstones are the energy powerhouses, and you can’t make a careless selection when picking one.

The ideal approach is to consult an astrologer and show them your birth charts to pick the best gemstone choices for you. For example, if your horoscope has mercury in a weak position, you can wear emerald gemstone to bring alignment in the planetary movements and get all advantages of this strong gemstone.

Every stone carries unique metaphysical and healing powers that morph into your life when you choose them wisely. Instead of making a rash decision, select the stone that brings your relationship closer and strengthen it with deep love and compassion. Even if you have a troubled past with an estranged relationship, wearing the right gemstone can give you the confidence to trust your emotions once again and take a leap of faith to commit your heart.

Buy Certified Gemstones

When you buy a gemstone, do not forget to ask the seller to provide the gem certification with your purchase. Leading stores like GemPundit will provide this certificate for free to soothe your worries. The certificate has the information about grading, source, and quality of the stone as certified by an accredited gemology lab. Here again, make sure that the certificate is from a third-party lab that has no interest in boosting the sales of the store.

Don’t Forget to Check the Color and Clarity

Gemstones are marked and graded according to their color and clarity among other factors. So, when choosing one, don’t forget to check these quality factors. You can ask the seller to send you the detailed catalog of the stone with complete specifications. Color should be the medium tone with deeper saturation, especially for stones like sapphire, ruby, hessonite, alexandrite, opal, etc.

Similarly, the clarity also matters a lot in gemstone selection for couple wedding rings. Some stones like emerald have natural flaws and inclusions that can be removed with chemical treatments. But, lab treatments strip the stones off their cosmic energies. Hence, choose an eye-clean where you can’t see the blemishes or flaws with your bare eyes. Natural stones with no chemical or lab treatment carry earthy tones and bring their strong advantages to your life.

These are some factors to consider when buying a perfect couple ring for your wedding. Since gemstones are an obvious choice in this selection, you should not refrain from checking their quality and durability before investing. Follow these points and you will make a great selection.