Did you know CBD can benefit your pet?

CBD, or cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, is becoming increasingly popular, not just as a treatment for pain, inflammation and anxiety, but as a daily supplement to promote balanced health and well-being.  Turns out that CBD, is not just good for us, but also our beloved fur-babies.  Like us, our cats and dogs, hamsters and horses have a system of cannabinoid receptors throughout the body, and CBD can impact on them in the same positive, health-enhancing ways.

There’s a boom of cannabis research on the go, and emerging peer-reviewed evidence has now shown that CBD is effective in pain management, anti-inflammation and mood regulation in dogs. There’s a wealth of anecdotal evidence too, from veterinarians and pet owners who are using CBD to manage chronic pain, cancer pain, arthritis, seizures, muscle spasms, anxiety and other behavioural issues in cats and dogs. Bianca Kaiser, a Director and Co-Founder of Cheeba Africa, a SA supplier of premium broad spectrum CBD products, says, “It’s important for pet owners to note that THC, the cannabinoid that has the psycho-active effect is not recommended for our pets. Firstly the ‘high’ feeling that humans enjoy on a recreational level would be rather upsetting for your pet and secondly studies, such as this 2016 study published in the Canadian Vet Journal shows that dogs in particular, have more cannabinoid receptors in their brains than humans do, and therefore the effect on them is greater and can be potentially toxic. While it is safe to test out CBD with your fur babies, pet owners should still stick to quality CBD products that are natural and free from any toxins, and keep to the recommended doses.”

How do you tell a quality CBD pet product?

  • Look for PCR – Not all strains of hemp are rich in CBD, so it is a good idea to investigate the source of the CBD oil that a manufacturer uses. You want the confirmation that the pet products you chose are made from a CBD-rich strain of hemp, which is commonly identified as PCR (phytocannabinoid rich) hemp.
  • Transparency – A good quality product will give you a stamp of assurance. Check if there is 3rd party lab testing.
  • Go natural or organic – check that the product ingredients are naturally or organically derived. A pet CBD oil product should only contain a natural carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil; and CBD treat products, such as chews should be made of high-quality natural ingredients.
  • Choose broad spectrum CBD – CBD is used in three forms across product ranges. Best for pets, is broad spectrum CBD, which is THC-free but includes other beneficial plant components such as natural terpenes and flavonoids.  CBD isolate contains only CBD.  Full spectrum CBD in South Africa must contain less than 0.001% THC.

How can CBD help your pet?
CBD has a healthy, balancing effect on people and pets, and can be used daily to maintain overall health and wellness.  It can be used to calm nervous, anxious, over-excited, or aggressive pets. Studies show that CBD can be effective in managing painful conditions such as arthritis; as palliative care in last life-stages and to ease cancer pain or nausea and loss of appetite from cancer treatment.

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