Eight Last-Minute Tips to Celebrate Valentine’s Day within Budget ♥


For some reason or another there are certain days of the year that you always seem to remember. What about the 14th of February? Is it not a well-known date on your calendar?

It is the ‘month of love’, whether you like it or not. So why not make it easier for yourself? You can either go wild with your spending and regret it financially, OR, you can enjoy it while sticking to your budget and putting your mind (and finances) at ease instead.

Carla Oberholzer, spokesperson and public relations officer at Zeeva, encourages you to take caution when planning for this coming Valentine’s Day.  “Over-spending on your monthly budget is not worth paying the price in the long run,” says Oberholzer. Here are eight tips to consider when making last-minute plans:

  1. Know exactly what your expected outcome for Valentine’s Day is

You can’t just ‘wing’ this love-filled day without a bit of planning. Know what you want to do, what it is going to cost you and get your estimates in line with your budget for this special day or activity.

  1. There is nothing wrong with enjoying homemade meals

Surprise your loved one with an affordable breakfast in bed or create a scrumptious dinner dish with your partner, in the comfort of your own home. Visit Pinterest, BRIT + CO or the spruce for some fun and easy ideas.

  1. Thinking about dining out?

Consider a nice, yet affordable restaurant option if you have saved for a meal. Take a look at EatOut, Food Blog Durban, Restaurants.co.za and Food Blog Cape Town for options.

  1. Planning an outing? Use cash to avoid over-spending

If you have started your finances off on the right note and have saved some money for an affordable night on the town, be aware of the amount that you can spend and carry the amount in cash with you. This will assist you to stay within budget and not using your credit card at all.

  1. Avoid buying treats at the store

Buying candy and chocolates can be very expensive, especially if you did not include it in February’s budget. What about making your own treats? Take a look at your pantry and fridge and give your own baking a try.

  1. Buying flowers is a trend – be sure you can afford it

Oberholzer says the demand, supply, increased transportation costs as well as additional labour costs are some of the reasons behind the price hike on flowers in February. What about an alternative? A personally-plucked flower bouquet from your garden will surely make the gesture extra special.

  1. Do it yourself ♥ cards

So you want to be romantic by expressing your feelings on paper? Get some creativity going and make your own cards with items that you have available in your stationery drawer. Cards can cost up to R80, rather be a creative DIY doer and save.

  1. There is no time like quality time

Time does not cost you an arm and a leg. So make use of it by spending some proper quality time with your special someone. There is nothing better than just being together. Why not watch a movie in your own lounge, have a picnic outside or enjoy listening to your favourite songs and artists at home?

Special and affordable should go hand in hand when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Showing that you care does not need to put you in an over-indebted situation. So take the above tips into account and have a frugal action plan in mind. For all the women out there: if you could not care less about Valentine’s Day, since you are currently struggling to make ends meet – don’t worry. Get in contact with Zeeva and get your debt consolidated now for a debt-free tomorrow.


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