Must-know tips to prevent vehicle battery failure

Must-know tips to prevent vehicle battery failure
Must-know tips to prevent vehicle battery failure. Image source: Pixabay

When a motorist purchases a car, they usually don’t give much thought to the battery that will power their vehicle and drive them to work, university, the shops, visit loved ones and make new memories. Battery manufacturers do.

Battery manufacturers in South Africa have been moving people, goods and services with the manufacturing of batteries for commercial, passenger and leisure vehicles for decades. With modern technology, such as, parking cameras, radar cruise control, heated and ventilated seats, local battery manufacturers continue to improve and assemble batteries that power creature comforts and ensure smooth driving.

Batteries that power up motorists

When looking for a good quality battery that will keep your vehicle moving, consider these factors.

1. Reliable and durable

A robust design that ensures the battery is spill-resistant, fast to recharge and requires little to no maintenance.

2. Improved performance and safety

A quality battery that is great value for money, offering superior performance and increased battery life.

3. Warranty

Battery failure usually happens when least expected. Purchasing a battery that comes with a nationwide warranty brings peace of mind.

Even with these excellent features, it’s still important to take care of your vehicle battery to avoid battery failure. The experts who manufacture Exide batteries offer these tips for motorists, to ensure the best performance from the battery and preventing premature battery failure.

Clean battery terminals monthly

Positive grid corrosion is a natural process, and it can accelerate during the warmer months. The corrosion can prevent the battery from powering the vehicle efficiently, which can lead to battery failure.

An easy way to ensure corrosion doesn’t affect the battery’s performance is to use a solution of water and baking soda, to keep the battery terminals clean.

Overcharging, undercharging can cause damage
Undercharging and overcharging batteries can both lead to battery failure. When batteries are overcharging, the casing can become hot and either melt or swell, and this can cause a battery to explode. If batteries are undercharged too often, it can cause sulfation, which reduces the effectiveness of battery power, ultimately leading to a shorter lifespan for the battery.

Old age

Car batteries don’t last forever. When the vehicle battery is old, it’s best to consider getting it replaced by the specialists. They will ensure the correct battery is fitted for the car and safe.

“Motorists should also keep an eye on symptoms of a failing battery, including dimming headlights while their vehicle is idling. And when it’s time to get the battery replaced, they can trust and rely on locally-produced brands such as Exide,” said Murray Long, Managing Director of First National Battery.

Battery failure often happens when least expected. But with regular battery checks and some TLC, motorists can get the best performance from their car batteries. For more about batteries and how they keep your vehicle switched on, get in touch with Exide.