The 3 Best HCG Drops and What to Expect from It

The 3 Best HCG Drops and What to Expect from It

Many people are trying to look for the best and most effective means of losing weight today. With that regard, the HCG drop is making a name in the weight loss industry and a lot are claiming that this product is an effective method to lose weight.

HCG drops are said to compose of the HCG hormone that is produced by a woman during her pregnancy. Due to its popularity and high demand among consumers, there are already too many brands that are coming a day in and out in the market today. People are trying to question its effectiveness, but on the other hand, some are also trying to question its safety.

The HCG diet that is made possible with an HCG drop is believed to have started back in the 1950s. This popular diet is said to restart your body from your unhealthy eating habits and overloading calorie intake. When a person follows the HCG diet, he or she must need to cut off or minimize his or her calorie intake to up to 500 calories per day.

Accordingly, there are three phases that a person must have to go through in order to see the best result. As of this writing, there are no research that shows the real effect of the drops to a person’s weight. Nonetheless, numbers of people still believe that it works best for someone who’s trying to shed off some weight.

3 Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss and its Uses

With so many brands and reviews about the HCG drops, one needs to know as to what are the best brands to trust in order to start the weight loss journey. HCG drops come in different kinds and you have to select the variant that is appropriate for you. Check out the list of products below.

1 HCG Complex

This is one of the products that is arguably one of the most popular and believed to be an effective kind of variant. One of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that it is one of the most effective sublingual kind of drops. Accordingly, this product has continued to amaze the market for almost eight consecutive years.

Aside from being effective, the HCG complex is also believed as the most affordable kind of HCG drop that people can choose to have for their weight loss journey. As to the results, a person taking the HCG complex is said to have a suppression of appetite immediately. This means that upon taking the product, the person will no longer feel the hunger as much as they used to.

2 Nu Image Medical

This is yet another popular brand of the HCG drops that are made by the Nu Image Medical Clinic that is based in Florida. Accordingly, the product has to be administered properly in order to see the best result. Make sure that you are preparing your body prior to starting taking this product. Just like other products, this drop allows you to free yourself from starving that cutting off too much calorie intake is possible.

3 HCG Triumph

This is one of the fairly and newest kinds of drops in the market but has already been making names among consumers. This is a homeopathic solution that no longer requires you to have a prescription for you to be able to purchase it. Meanwhile, this product has already been approved by the FDA in the US.