5 Ways to Deal with Insomnia

5 Ways to Deal with Insomnia
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Nowadays, we see a lot of people suffering from Insomnia which is a severe sleep disorder. After working all day long people need proper rest to keep their body active. An individual generally sleeps about 6 to 9 hours for getting a quality sleeping.

In this specific time, our body does the work of renewing and rejuvenating and it strengthens our immune system.

When people are unable to sleep appropriately, they undergo insufficient rest. Insufficient rest results in fatigue, headaches, weakness and less coordination in daily work. Insomnia revives the role from The Walking Dead.

Most people rely on sleeping pills to get rid of insomnia but you can also follow 5 easy tricks for overcoming insomnia and getting a peaceful sleep.


Less Caffeine and Alcohol

Some ingredients in alcohol may help you in sleeping but if you are asking for a deep sleep then this may harm you instead. Alcohol prevents you to go to deep sleep. The first few hours of your sleep will be soothing if you take alcohol but in the second half, you may feel sudden awakenings. This will disturb your sleep and you may wake up from the sleep so many times. For constant sleep, you have to avoid alcohol and nicotine.

Caffeine is another reason for insomnia. In this century, people depend on caffeine to keep them active during work. But caffeine may keep you awake at night also. It will make you feel dizzy the next day and will put you in depression.  To stay energetic, you can take caffeine in the morning but try to avoid it before going to bed.


Proper Food Habits

The best way to get a sound sleep a night is proper food habits. Try to avoid eating anything before you sleep. After taking your dinner, wait at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Skip the nigh-snacking part even if you are hungry.

If you are so hungry then go for seeds, nuts or carrot sticks. Excessive food will activate your digestive system and it will keep your body energized. It is very important to feel tired if you want to sleep but food will not let you feel tired. Avoid fluids before going to bed as fluids affect your bladder and cause frequent urination which disturbs your sleep.


Weighted Blanket

A popular term that is trending nowadays is ‘weighted blanket.” This is a basically a blanket which is filled with plastic pallets. You can get one weighted blanket for you if you are an insomniac.

This product can improve your melatonin by producing serotonin and endorphins. Serotonin gears up the relaxation process of your body.

It will make you feel more settled when you will be on your bed. The pressure of the heavyweight makes you feel dizzy and calm and eventually, it leads you to sleep peacefully.

Get a clear idea from the PushtoFitness’s Weighted Blanket guide.


Regular Exercise

Regular exercise will help you deal with insomnia. Working out usually makes you tired and your weariness leads you to deep sleep. Walking is a good exercise for having a good sleep as it makes your feet exhausted. For good sleep, you have to exercise regularly. But as every coin has two different facets, exercising has too.

Doing work out just before going to the bed may activate your body and keep sleep away. If you want to exercise then you have to complete doing it minimum 3 hours before bedtime.


Comfortable Sleeping Environment

The environment of your bed is very essential if you are suffering from insomnia. Light may have a dreadful effect on your sleep. Try to switch off the lights before you go to bed. If you are not comfortable with keeping the lights off, dim your lights as much as you can.

Temperature is also a crucial issue and so you have to keep the temperature of your room as per your comfort zone. Control the noise of your room and keep your bed comfortable. Avoid your smartphone, laptops or television when you’re in bed. If you need to watch TV for some urgent causes then use sunglass.

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Final Verdict

Sleep disorder may cause health issues such as anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, hypertension and it may result in obesity, ADHD, stroke etc. The most common reasons for insomnia are alcohol, drugs, depression, anxiety, stress, excessive caffeine.

The general factors like light or noise, uncomfortable bed, heavy meals, and particular medications may also affect your uninterrupted sleep.

Food and sleep are the two basic needs for leading an active life. I hope these easy tips will help you get a better and comfortable sleep. All you need maintain is cautiousness and regularity.