3 Essential Subjects to Have in Your Yoga Teacher Training Course

Summary: Yoga teacher training provides in-depth knowledge of various subjects of yoga. Explore the article to know few essential subjects of a YTTC curriculum.

Being well-versed in the basics of yoga practice is not enough. To perfect the art of this age-old wellness and healthcare practice; you need to go into the heart of it. To go deep into the yoga practice a yoga teacher training course is a perfect option- even if you don’t want to be a yoga professional or teacher. Choosing an ideal yoga teacher training is a perplexing task, but with proper guidance and knowledge, one can achieve it.

One of the most important things a person needs to remember before choosing a Ytt course is to check whether some of the essential subjects are part of the curriculum. Yoga teacher training is a month-long program where you get a basic and deeper understanding of the ancient healthcare system. Where asanas and pranayama are the backbones of yoga practice, there are some key subjects to an authentic yoga learning.

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training is the stepping stone in the amazing journey of yoga and many aspiring yogis come to India- the land of its origin to attain authentic teachings of yoga. So, to acquire a better understanding of the key subjects, no place is better than India.

The Essential Yoga TTC Subjects:

Yoga Anatomy

Yoga Anatomy is a deep understanding of the human body and its study is conducted with reference to the Yoga practice. Studying the subject makes us more aware of ourselves and our body as a Yogi. In the anatomy session, we know about various forms and shapes of the joints and its different motions. We gain a deeper knowledge of the muscles and their impact on the yoga asanas. Anatomy makes us understand how one system or function affects the other and is co-related.

With a proper understanding of the body, we perform yoga poses with great stability, safety, and proper alignment, and can reduce the risk of injuries. To master the art of yoga, a person should have a full knowledge of the body and mind, and that is why, Yoga Anatomy of the nervous system is also important to know.

Dhyana (Meditation)

After asana and pranayama practice –the third major component ‘meditation’ is important to practice to attain complete yoga practice benefits. Yoga means union, a union of the mind, body, and soul, and with the practice of meditation, you can drive the attention inward and help with the unification of the three. The practice helps attain mindfulness, makes you more positive, and helps to connect with the universal consciousness.

There are many types of meditation and each goal at achieving tranquillity, harmony, and salvation. You feel the divine in and around you with the dhyana practice and achieve the unity between the conflicting forces of the mind. With the help of Hatha yoga teacher training in India, you can acquire the spiritual aspect of the yoga practice.

Mantra (Chants or Sacred Verses)

The whole yoga journey is not only keeping the body fit and mind stable as the journey is also about spiritual awakening. Meditation is one of the important steps that lead to the awakening of spirituality, and with Mantra Chanting, the whole process becomes deeper. To explore the spiritual aspect of the yoga practice, the pronouncement of the Mantra or sacred verse is important. Mantra or sacred verses are the instrument of thoughts and also called prayer, hymn, incantation, or sacred song.

Chanting mantras create an auspicious and positive energy in and around and center the mind. The thought behind the Mantra chanting is related to the concept of energy from Sound or Dhwani. And for the benefits and to activate the sound vibrations, one needs to pronounce these mantras correctly. Mantra or sacred verses is not related to any religion, it is practiced to purify you and your surroundings.

Attending a traditional training of yoga such as Hatha yoga teacher training in India or Ashtanga yoga teacher training in India shall entail a proper knowledge of these three key subjects. So practice yoga and keep enjoying its advantages.