Stars of Science Unveils Top Four Contestants for Season 11

Stars of Science Unveils Top Four Contestants for Season 11
Stars of Science Unveils Top Four Contestants for Season 11

Biomedical innovations lead in the latest Stars of Science installment

October 27, 2019, (AETOSWire) : In a bid to prove that their products were ready for user testing, the show’s five remaining contestants presented their prototypes in last night’s production prototyping episode on Season 11 of Stars of Science.

Overcoming challenges in science and innovation, Nuha Abu Yousef, Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis, Husam Sameer, Youssef El Azouzi and Anfal Al Hamdani demonstrated their knowledge in industrial design to the jury. At this stage of the competition, any engineering concerns should have been resolved, and the participants are expected to have begun integrating aesthetic and ergonomic considerations in their design.

“The most important goal for any product is to prove it works, without question. However, it is equally important that users comprehend and appreciate the design so that they can make room for it in their daily lives,” said Professor Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry, a Stars of Science jury member. “Our Season 11 innovators have shown that they can engineer their way around technical challenges, but from this point on, they need to prove that they can market their product too.”

Husam kept his Stars of Science journey alive as his Efficient Comfort Concrete Panel passed its respective tests, successfully maintaining a cool temperature in a full-scale room for an hour and a half. The concrete panels did this by utilizing their unique hollow-core construction, which allows for improved cooling through more efficient air circulation.

However, it was the medical innovations that stole the show. The jury had the chance to try Nuha’s Active Lazy Eyelid Sticker, asking her questions about its weight and size as they took turns wearing the device. The sticker, which stimulates the muscles responsible for closing the eye in patients with afflicted facial muscles and ensure it blinks in unison with their unaffected eye, ended up garnering the highest marks from the jury.

“Nuha faced the challenges of being both a mother and an ambitious young woman in the scientific field despite the unique pressures they hold!” noted Khalid Al Jumaily, Stars of Science long-standing host. “She set a remarkable example for Arab women on how to tackle challenges in science and innovation.”

Youssef El Azouzi and his Flow Modulator Stent were not far behind in the voting, as he confidently answered every concern the jury had about his invention; while expert mentors hailed Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis for the quality of his Interactive Educational Prayer Carpet and his ability to successfully innovate a religious tool.

Unfortunately, Anfal Al Hamdani and her Dry Lime Auto Extractor fell short of the jury’s expectations. The extractor, which is designed to extract the carpel of dry citrus fruits by separating it from the pulp while preserving the nutrients, still produced unusable material. Anfal had to leave the competition, but she remained adamant that this was not the end of her innovation journey as she plans to travel to Singapore to continue working on her project and obtain a Master’s degree. “To all innovators watching; pursue your idea, no matter how small it might be. Present it to the world and challenge all the hardships you face with courage and patience,” she said.

Sadeq Qasem, Stars of Science Season 2 winner, co-hosted this week’s episode alongside the show’s longtime host Khalid Al Jumaily. Holder of the Excellence and Creativity Award in Entrepreneurship by the Emir of Kuwait, Sadeq – an innovator and entrepreneur – shared some wisdom with all the contestants, motivating them to stay focused on their goals and on the needs of their target markets. Sadeq also encouraged them to enjoy every minute of their Stars of Science journey, urging them to continue their work even after the show. He said, “Do not focus on the prizes and awards, focus on the future and ask yourselves – what will I do in the future with my project?”

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