6 Apps On the Phone That Will Help the Student

6 Apps On the Phone That Will Help the Student
6 Apps On the Phone That Will Help the Student

Studying is important for every student. If you really want to learn and earn excellent grades in school, you need to study hard. And, nowadays, thanks to technology, learning has been made easier with the development of various exciting mobile applications to help you prepare for classes, presentations, tests, research and exams.

Gone are the days you have to spend hours flipping through dusty old books and searching for free papers in the library. Today, you can download various apps on your mobile device to help you learn effectively. In this article, we are going to be looking at 6 interesting apps you can install on your phone to help you study better as a student. These study apps are, however, in no particular order. They are just 6 of the best apps for students and people enthusiastic about learning.


Students that want to learn must have a dictionary on their phone. Having the latest version of the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary on your smartphone is way better and easier than flipping through the pages of a hardcopy dictionary. You can always look up a strange word and listen to their pronunciation. This way, you’ll be able to improve your vocabulary.

You can also add words to favorites and read academic news on the dictionary. A student that wants to improve his or her writing skill should install this app.

RefMe – RefMe

Researchers and colleges have always complained about the rise in the rate at which undergraduate and graduate students plagiarize many authors’ contents. This productive app can help you avoid plagiarism by helping you to create the citation style that’s accepted in your school. It works with your phone camera to scan barcodes of books you may have used for your research and then, creates your reference. This is way easier and quicker way to compile the references for your long essays.

Pocketbook Reader – Pocketbook Reader

This is another app a student should have on their devices. PocketBook is a very simple and friendly app that allows you to navigate quickly and study with ease. It supports all types of file formats, Adobe DRM, EPUB and PDF files. It also allows you to archive your books into collections, tap to next, highlight words, exports notes, and lock the orientation of your screen while reading. Other features include the text-to-speech feature, OPDS support and simple view. It is really a must have for every student.

Google Chrome – Google Chrome

This should be on every Android user’s phone anyways. I have included it in this list because I know, as a student, you’ll need this app to search for papers, articles and other essential materials needed for your study. I use this nifty app to grade my paper and check for plagiarism with a plagiarism checker like paperap.com. When I do my essay, I also use the free paper database, using Chrome. Google Chrome is pretty interactive and quite easy to use.

I prefer Chrome to other browsers for my online research and study because of all its essential features which include high-speed browsing, multiple tabs, built-in Google bar, and so on.

Evernote – Evernote

Evernote is an app for everyone, and not students alone. But every student should have this multitasking app on their mobile phones so that they will be able to easily organize their thoughts and ideas. Evernote allows you to use your camera to scan business cards, annotate PDF files and search for document files.

Dragon Dictation – Dragon Dictation

Do you always get ideas that you feel you can’t put down on paper or your office suite workspace because you’re busy? Well, you should download Dragon Dictation. This app allows you to say anything you come up with into your phone. It will then translate it digitally for you into text and save it on your phone’s clipboard for you to use at a later time. This is a very efficient and time-saving app for every student. An application like this will always inspire you to study in school.

Conclusion – Conclusion

These applications are all random. I feel they would help any student in any school. Studying in school can sometimes be tiring, I understand. But, that is why they were developed in the first place; to make learning much easier and make you more productive in your academics. Stress is often common among students, and it can seriously hinder your receptive ability. But with these apps, stress will be reduced, and you can even have fun while using these amazing mobile applications.

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