GoDriveIn Calls for Sponsors for Exciting Initiative Supporting AfricaMasks4All

GoDriveIn Calls for Sponsors for Exciting Initiative Supporting AfricaMasks4All

The advanced level 3 regulations has allowed even more sectors to re-open as the country’s economy slowly comes back to life, including salons, restaurants and cinemas in a limited capacity. However, with over 111 000 positive cases in South Africa, and the number growing daily, closed-off events like drive-ins are becoming a safer option for consumers looking for social experiences that align with the government’s safety protocols.

GoDriveIn, in partnership with AfricaMasks4All, is putting together a drive-in movie, music, comedy and food event to cater to this ‘new normal’. As such, they are calling for sponsorship for this event as a way for brands to not only enjoy incredible, high-value marketing and PR exposure but contribute to a worthy cause as proceeds of event ticket sales will go to AfricaMasks4All, a non-profit organisation dedicated to getting one million cloth masks to those who cannot afford it in our communities.

The Event

This exciting drive-in event will bring a variety of big-screen movies, comedy and concert entertainment to consumers right from the comfort and safety of their cars. The initial focus is that the event will run for one month at venues in Johannesburg and Cape Town. These venues are all equipped to showcase films, live music and concerts, stand-up comedy and kids shows that consumers can enjoy from the comfort of their cars. The venues will be available to outside promotions to hire for other forms of entertainment as well.

The event will host a variety of entertainment programs and shows that will be tailored for everyone, from families to kids, film buffs to musicians and everyone looking to come back out into the world in the safest and most entertaining way possible.

Hot food and beverage and confectionery will also be available and delivered to each car based on pre-orders. GoDriveIn is looking to support local restaurants struggling with the effects of the lockdown regulations and will be handled internally. The drive-in will be open during the day for trade as well.

The event aims to have the best overall experience for anyone joining, from a smooth booking process to a customer journey filled with fun, engaging messaging around safety and event information.

Why Sponsor This Event?

The GoDriveIn event is geared towards being a month-long marketing brand activation and event for some local brands to achieve highly valuable PR exposure. The event activation is brand new to South Africa, but this concept is achieving incredible success globally.

As a partner, event organisers have made it feasible enough that one large brand or several smaller brands can get on board to own the experience. As an all-inclusive event for all ages and demographics, there is no limit to the range of options for sponsorships. This is not only great advertising and marketing for a brand but also a way to help South Africans enjoy safe and social experiences.

Interested sponsors or brands can get in touch by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also visit the website at www.godrivein.com or the GoDriveIn Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GoDriveIn for more information.