Useful tips for new homeowners

Useful tips for new homeowners
Useful tips for new homeowners

In support of New Home Owners Day (1 May), Winston Park resident Shelley Ainsworth, Director of Specialist conveyancing and property law firm, Ainsworth Attorneys Inc. shares a few tips to save new homeowners time, money and effort.

“Yes, a home is much more than bricks and mortar, but, if we’re being realistic, it is also something into which you put a huge chunk of your money, so it’s important that you make the right decisions right from the start,” explains Shelley.

Here are three useful tips for new homeowners.

Don’t Ignore Important Maintenance

One of the new expenses that accompany homeownership is making repairs. Don’t neglect any problem that may worsen over time. Delay can turn a relatively small problem into a much larger and costlier one. One way to protect yourself against possible maintenance issues is to have a potential home inspected before buying it.

Make a Homeowner’s Journal
Keep insurance papers, repair receipts and all other paperwork pertaining to the house in a file. Storing all your house information in one handy place makes life easier and can be a sales ‘plus’ when selling the house later.

Verify Everything
Insist on full, written disclosure from the seller about repairs, old damage, leaks, mould, etc. Check with the city and get, in writing, the property’s permit history, zoning, prior uses, homeowners’ association restrictions etc.

“Moving into a new home is such an exciting time in ones lives. The only surprises one should prepare ourselves for are those pleasant ones that make us appreciate the choice we’ve made,” concludes Shelley.