Assignments that Require a UK Dedicated Server Hosting Plans



There are many individuals and businesses that wonder whether they actually need a cheap dedicated server or not. This will not be a big decision to make.

Deciding on whether or not you require dedicated server hosting is in no way a life-threatening situation. The two most important things you need to have in mind are data and money. In case you are the owner of a large business that is growing at a very fast pace, your hosting requirements are likely to change with time. UK dedicated server hosting is one way of adding more value to business prospects and serving them with the best experiences. Some situations that really warrant the use of a cheap dedicated server are as follows:

Podcast Hosting

Successful podcasts offer valuable marketing advantages. Can you imagine hundreds and thousands of listeners going for your content on a weekly basis? Coming up with audio recordings on a regular basis does not require putting in a lot of money into production costs. However, the best thing about these audio recordings is that they entice professionals and newbies alike. When searching for podcast hosting options online, it is quite likely for you to come across the expensive ones charging a high fee for syndicating podcast episodes and storing the audio files. However, all of this can easily be done without putting in a lot of money. The solution is a cheap dedicated server from Onlive Server that offers the space and the bandwidth to do so without paying in a lot of cash. The only thing that you require is installing some plugins. Once this is done your site will be syndicating the podcast episodes to whatever platforms the listeners are making use of.

Being Your Very Own Website Host

Each and every business requires a site. It is quite easy for business professionals to earn a huge amount of money by selling website hosting space. Agencies dealing in the field of dedicated server hosting can manage a large number of websites from just a single server. Similarly, reselling website hosting space is one of the best ways for developers and designers to supplement their earnings and manage their customers in a better way.

The web hosting plans at Onlive Server come with KVM and cPanel. However, if users do not want to make use of cPanel or are in possession of custom apps and scripts they are looking to install, going for cheap dedicated server hosting can offer more control. At the reseller level, this might not be a possibility. But going for UK dedicated server hosting can offer root access for making all the desired changes.

Creating Private Git Repository

There are many individuals who are of the view that using GitHub can be the best option as it comes absolutely free of cost. But the matter of the fact is that GitHub suggests keeping repositories under 1 GB while it even enforces hard restriction of 100GB. One of the most important functions served by this hard restriction is avoiding huge files from clogging up the servers. However, this can prove to be disadvantageous for assignments with several large media files. Going for dedicated server hosting can help in doing away with this problem.  Take, for instance, the introductory dedicated server hosting plans of Onlive Server start with 500 GB SSD drive. The users who fill up this space even get the option of easily upgrading to double the same space. However, even before space, security factors need to be considered.

Dedicated Server Hosting: Making that Big Jump

Mentioned above are small examples of all professional assignments that can be greatly improvised with the use of a UK dedicated server. However, when you fully make up your mind to make this big jump, there are some factors that you need to consider in order to make this transition a smooth one. In this regard, the very first thing that you need to work on is making the right choice of a cheap dedicated server hosting package that suits your business. This can be a bit challenging and a bit risky as well. If you end up choosing the wrong package, it might render compromised website performance. Chances are you might even end up with unwanted features or attributes that might take a toll on the overall success of your site.

Most of the time it happens that site owners generally go for plans based on their prices only. They make this blunder of not considering the other advantages. It is absolutely true that the budget is one of the most important factors, but it should not be your only concern. If you are spending a lot of money on going for a top-quality dedicated server hosting solution, make sure the hosting provider guarantees the best possible performance of the server as well.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Dedicated Server Hosting Are as Follows:

What is dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated servers come with great power along with good bandwidth and RAM.

Who is a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers might not be suitable for small businesses because they offer a lot of bandwidth and RAM which might not be required by small businesses. They are perfectly suited for large businesses.

What do you get from a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers offer more power, customization capability, and storage than the other server hosting deals.

What are the other features available with dedicated server hosting?

Other features of dedicated server hosting include control panels, SSL certificates, security software, and OS installation.

What are the factors to look out for in dedicated servers?

Factors to look out for in dedicated servers include guaranteed uptime, customization, customer support, and security.

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