Best Chatbots Plugins for WordPress in 2021

Best Chatbots Plugins for WordPress in 2021
Best Chatbots Plugins for WordPress in 2021. Image source: Pixabay

Have you ever wondered, that whenever you have a problem with a virtual site or anything online, who comes to your rescue? That’s right. Every company that operates through a virtual window, has a chatbot ready at your service. You certainly don’t have enough time to respond to the same consumer questions again and again, do you? You may try employing an automated solution to save up your time while still providing consumers with help and appropriate information in an orderly manner.

What does a ‘chatbot’ mean?

A chatbot can serve the purpose of a virtual assistant that comes to one’s rescue whenever they face trouble on an online website. It is an automated chat system that responds to the customer’s queries and greetings. Chatbots are gaining a lot of traction and are showing up on a lot of companies and e-commerce websites to deliver instant customer experience at any hour of the day by automatically responding to visitors’ inquiries. Chatbots make it possible for any website to give 24*7 support to customers so that they can solve their problems at any time of the day.

We will now look at the best WordPress Chatbot Plugins that will help to increase one’s engagement on the website.

Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins:

Chatbots that are unable to give enough assistance, or at the very least connect you to a real human, can have a significant negative influence on your visitors’ experience. If you want to use one on your website, you’ll need to do it right — the correct service is crucial.

  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot for WordPress: If you’ve ever used a Messenger App to communicate with a company, you may have been interacting with a chatbot without realizing it. Messenger bots exist in a variety of flavors, including traditional live-support and e-commerce assistants. Another advantage of employing Messenger Bots is that there is a whole industry dedicated to assisting you in setting one up for your company. They can be costly, but if you don’t have any experience in the field, they’re well worth it.
  • Doopchat for Facebook autoreply: DoopChat is a Facebook fan page marketing automation solution. It works wonders regardless of the platform or structure on which your website is created. This tool allows you to entice your Facebook audience to start conversations by leaving the first remark. Once you’ve successfully integrated DoopChat into your Facebook fan page, all you have to do now is think of ways to generate as many remarks as possible. After that, this plugin may automatically respond to individuals who have made statements. Based on the keywords captured in the remarks, you may spin text and make tailored answers.
  • IBM Watson Assistant Chatbot: One of the most intriguing chatbot solutions for your website is IBM Watson Assistant. Watson can interface with a variety of popular platforms, like Slack and Messenger, in a nutshell. You can also use the assistant to interact with the Internet of Things devices to create chatbots that can act as personal assistants. Artificial intelligence and advanced tuning options are included in this powerful chatbot. You may adjust the look and position of your chatbox. You may look back at previous talks between users and Watson. All you have to do to add Watson to your site is reinstall the plugin. When it comes to online conversations, Watson Assistant has all of the essential functionalities. Users can request to be passed off to a live person, and you receive access to a streamlined chatbot builder. Furthermore, it handles subject shifts elegantly, at least for a machine.
  • WoowBot WooCommerce Bot: WoowBot is a strong WP chatbot plugin that acts as an automatic helper for your WooCommerce website traffic, assisting them in finding the goods they are looking for. It has some wonderful features like no setup is required for a simple plug-and-play setup. It offers your WooCommerce site useful search features. The deluxe edition comes with more sophisticated features. The free app of the plugin includes features such as an advanced search feature that can assist consumers in finding things they want. Additionally, it includes features such as allowing customers to add things to their baskets straight from the chatbox and customizing WoowBot’s replies to inquiries.
  • Gobot Chatbot: Gobot is a chatbot that collects emails from visibility on the web and archives them regularly. With this plugin, you may collect vital information from clients via forms, surveys, or polls. The chatbot plug-in may also be used to provide automatic customer care and plan meetings. As previously stated, this WordPress chatbot mainly introduces forms, questionnaires, polling data, and other tools for gathering a variety of valuable data. As a result, it allows you to write your own screenplay using the powerful and flexible slide bot builder, which makes it fairly simple to create intelligent scripts to handle problems.

Wrap Up

Therefore, if you are looking forward to increasing your engagement on your WordPress blog, then you obviously have to include a chatbot plugin for the site. If you are unable to figure out how to get into the details of it, you can outsource WordPress development to a developer and they will help you out easily!