5 Developer Certifications You Should Earn

The skills of programming and developing are nowadays at their peak level and this demand would not change in the future. However, getting web developer certifications in New York in any of these areas i.e. developer, software or programming would be beneficial for the individual. In this field of IT, the experts comprehend the significance of these web developer certifications towards their job and improvement. By initiating a career in information technology necessitates that an individual plan his own certified path and the appropriate credentials that might require him to follow so that a person can achieve his required position.  

With the aim of selecting the appropriate path, the professional should have a clear vision regarding their objectives and goals as there are a number of certificates available in this information technology industry. However, web developer certifications might be in any field like it can be in networking, administration of system or in security, the individual should be assured that there are so many certificates available that would match their professional goals. Certainly, if an individual having an interest in the industry of IT and having a desire to acquire new web developer certifications in order to facilitate others, he or she can attain the certificate according to his interest. 

Developer’s Certifications

A-W-S Certified Associate Developer

The most famous option of the A-W-S Certified-Developer certificate endorses one’s technical understanding in order to develop and maintain apps on the platform of Amazon ($6,416.00). The individual would be tested on the basis of the selection of appropriate services of AWS for applications, and information regarding code-level application security. The examination paper is made up of multiple answers and multiple-choice problems and candidates have to solve these questions in eighty minutes. The basic requirement comprises 1 year or more experience with AWS and a brief understanding regarding high-level programming language as a minimum. If a person would be accomplished in AWS, an average of $131,367 yearly can be earned.

Certified Secure-Software Life-cycle Professional

Similar to other certificates of (ISC)-2, CSSLP is a vendor-neutral credential that is appropriate to several types of projects related to programming and development. Designed at engineers, designers, software developers, and similar to security specialists, the CSSLP is familiar with the capability in securing apps during the course of software development.  Fascinatingly, the CSSLP was considered as the first (ISC)2 exam which was presented through Pearson VUE testing centers, as an alternative of the paper-pencil test at numerous planned testing sites throughout the world. Moreover, a certificate in CSSLP has already done too much in order to bring (ISC)2 into this century. Conferring to (ISC)2, the one single credential is CSSLP which presently gives emphasis on developing security into the software development lifespan phases as well as the presence of great practices.

Microsoft Certified Solutions-Developer App-Builder

Microsoft’s fundamental certificate for developers and programmers of the app is Microsoft Certified Solutions-Developer (M-C-S-D). The experts of Microsoft are most likely acquainted with their 5 former M-C-S-D credentials: Share-Point Applications, Web Applications, Application Life-cycle Management, Azure-Solutions-Architect and endorses an applicant’s information as well as procedural skills required to develop series of web and applications. In order to achieve that credential, the applicant should attain any of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Web Applications or else the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: certificate in Universal Windows Platform. After that, the applicant has to clear at least 1 M–S-D exam.

Certified Information-Security Manager

Certified Information Security Manager is developed for experts who are working on information security management. People who are employed in that field would have the ability to recreate and architect the security protocols. They are also looking after the security of such companies with whom they are working. Being a manager of information security, the individual has free accessibility towards numerous business lines which are beyond the opportunity of information security. Furthermore, C-I-S-M is considered a very profitable credential as a person can earn 109,053 dollars yearly. If someone is going to pursue this certificate, an individual should be prepared for the exam which consists of 155 questions based on different topics. 

Certified Scrum-Master

Currently, one of the most famous project management is the certified scrum master certificate (C-S-M). Scrum is considered as the additional style of administration where group meeting is arranged specifically in the morning for employees on a regular basis in order to evaluate the progress of team members along with different adjustments regularly. This will ensure that employees are working in an efficient and collected manner. In order to get this certificate, an individual should attend a 2-day workshop course and then the person needs to take an exam which consists of twenty-four to thirty-five questions. By having this certificate, one can earn approximately $105,958 yearly.

Six Sigma-Green Belt

Another chief certificate in the IT field is the Six Sigma-Green Belt. The experts who have this certificate would put on the information of Six Sigma methods to guide an organization in the developmental projects of information technology. Professionals having this credential can earn about $105,098 on a yearly basis. It is significant to highlight that there are numerous organizations that provide the credential of Six Sigma Green Belt.

Become a Professional Developer

There are so many chances available to get certificates in development. Getting certificates in this field symbolize very few percentages of all the existing certificates. Furthermore, getting an advanced degree in any IT related field might also enhance one’s knowledge and competencies which will require in upgrading the career of an individual such as SEO knowledge while developing a website, UI/UX understanding, etc.

Certifications are Very Essential for Developers – Why?

Conferring to the current survey, about 58.9% of business reports that they are concerned regarding the superiority and magnitude of Information Technology ability that is accessible for the purpose of hiring. Enrolling in the web developer certifications program is a procedure for software designers, web developers, administration and engineers to show their capability in a specific skill that team members are searching for. 


The information technology field delivers the most outstanding careers to the professionals. There are a huge number of people who are employed in the sector of information technology and such people are surrounded by the highest-paid professionals in organizations. If a person is planning to build his career in this field, he has to advance his professional skills frequently.