10 Ways to Grow Your Small Business With Instagram

10 Ways to Grow Your Small Business With Instagram

Small businesses are flourishing very well on Instagram nowadays. You always need an active social media to expand your business. No doubt, Instagram is the best option to start your small business. It’s not an easy job to start a small business on Instagram. You have to put a lot of effort to have a successful business on Instagram. If you are not doing business on Instagram, then you are behind. There are 71% of businesses who are already using Instagram as a marketing channel. If you are new on Instagram, then you should start your small business because of the large number of users on Instagram. There are so many Instagram Marketing Tool such as Likesgainer Instagram Auto Liker that you can use to market your Instagram business and grow fast on Instagram. In this article, you will go through 10 ways to start your small business Instagram.

1- Showcase Your Products:

When you grow your Instagram following, you can showcase your products in front of your followers. When people follow you on Instagram then definitely they have reason to follow you. They are liking your products. You can give people an incentive to follow your profile with an exclusive discount or another offer. There are 65% of the top performing posts on Instagram who featured the product. When you showcase your product in front of your followers, then definitely your sales will increase. But you should not post too many promotions as it feels annoying for the followers.

2- Add Photo With Faces:

The engagement rate will increase when you add a photo with faces. photos with faces perform very well on Instagram than photos without faces. photos with bases increase the engagement rate 38% more than the photos without faces. When the engagement rate will be higher, the greater the chance of driving conversations that will help your small business grow.

3- Partner With Social Influencers:

Your competitors are using the strategy of partnering with Instagram influencers. Now, it is the time to jump on the board to keep up with them. You have to partner with social influencers that have a strong following within a specific Niche that speaks to your target audience. By partnering with social influencers, you are showing your products in front of the large following of influencers. Make sure that you are doing a partnership with that influencer who has the following that is interested in your products.

4- Run Ads to Generate Leads and Sales:

Instagram ads is a suitable strategy for you to start a small business and grow your business on Instagram. If you know how to run ads on Facebook, then you are familiar with how Instagram ads work. As we all know that both the platforms use the same ad manager. There is a different type of ADS you can run on Instagram like photo ads, carousel ads, collect ads, video ads, and story ads. There is a Swipe up feature in the story add where “ shop now” CTAis available at the bottom of the sponsored story. With the help of these people can directly land to the main website where they can purchase your products.

5- Promote Your Profile With Your Existing Customers:

As we all know that you always start with zero followers. You have to follow certain strategies to grow your small business on Instagram. As you are trying to get followers who don’t know what you do and don’t know anything about your product. So, first of all, you should turn to the existing customers. You can promote your business on other marketing channels like websites, YouTube videos, blog posts, other social media profiles, emails. You can also promote your account through purchase receipts and in-store signs.

6- Tag a Purposeful location:

You can increase your Instagram reach and the following with the help of location tags. When you tag your post with a specific location on Instagram, you have a better chance of seeing your post by your followers. You don’t need to be in that area while tagging a location. For example, if you are selling bathing suits, then you should tag warmer places on Instagram as the people in that area will give you higher engagement rates and a higher number of followers.

7- SFS ( share for share):

SFS is one of the most useful marketing strategies where you can share and promote other partners to work on your page. Look for other accounts who have a similar number of followers. To collaborate with them and start by yourself by reposting their images and tagging them in the image, then they will do the same thing for you. In this way, both accounts share one and other followers and increase the number of followers to their accounts and also you will get more organic Instagram Likes. Ultimately team is created with the help of which you can grow your business on Instagram.

8- Create Content Your Customers Love:

You can create content that your customers love. You should be clear about your brand. Don’t be too promotional in promoting your products as it will annoy your followers and they will start unfollowing you. Posting motivational quotes, business Advises and personal foolishness will resonate your account. Look for your competitors what they are posting to increase their following.

9- Host an Instagram Contest:

People are always excited about promotions and contests. So with the help of Instagram contest, you can increase the engagement rate to a much higher level. Select a prize for your Instagram contest. Price may be any of your new product. You should appreciate all the participants and honestly announce the winner. When winner gest a prize in the form of your product, he will promote your product with his followers on Instagram.

10- Don’t Overlook Videos:

On Instagram, you can also upload short videos.  as you are doing small business on Instagram. You should post a short and sweet video of your products about what your product is and how to use that product. don’t make a video more than a minute as it will drop the engagement rate. Try to make a short video of 20 to 30 seconds to get the higher engagement rates on your account.