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South Africa cannot afford free tertiary education and is now confirmed by the Heher Commission report.

The FF Plus hopes that this message will impact on president Jacob Zuma, who plans to implement free higher education plans, said adv. Anton Alberts, chairman of the FF Plus.

Adv. Alberts said it is also essential to take into account that the report was drafted when it was much better with South Africa. He said South Africa’s financial position is weakening almost daily and any chance of free education is now even less feasible.

“The tremendous financial position of the country, which is the direct consequence of the ANC’s mismanagement and its government’s plundering of the state funds, has now finally defeated the window of opportunity of free education for students.”

“Under current circumstances, the focus should be placed on making better use of the money that is available to enable universities to function.”

“In the first place, stricter selection must be implemented to allow school leavers to attend universities and school standards must be increased to give students a reasonable opportunity to achieve success with their studies.”

“The opposite, however, is at basic level of education, and even subjects such as mathematics can be phased out. With the current weak submission at school levels, the majority of students are simply not ready to succeed at tertiary level.”

“More money should not be wasted on mass students who do not have the chance to even pass their first year at university. Students who do not have a reasonable chance of obtaining success at a university will have to be referred to technical colleges and similar study institutions.”

“In the light of this report, there are persistent rumors that President Zuma wants to find R40 billion for free tertiary education, and it is extremely annoying. It is, therefore, thought-provoking that he now published this report, which indicates that free education is simply not possible,” said adv. Alberts.

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