Know How You Can Invest In Bitcoin To Make Maximum Profit

Know How You Can Invest In Bitcoin To Make Maximum Profit
Know How You Can Invest In Bitcoin To Make Maximum Profit. Image Source: Pixabay

Bitcoin and, more broadly, all of the cryptocurrencies, were until now assets reserved for individual investors and a few hedge funds initiated into the complexities of this still untagged terrain. However, the technical and regulatory barriers to access to this new asset class could be reduced in the near future, thus making an easily untapped source of yield and diversification easily accessible. The time therefore seems opportune to outline the main characteristics of these new types of assets.

Should we invest in cryptocurrencies?

In mid-December 2017, the European Commission issued a warning about the risks of cryptocurrencies. In essence, she believed that investors should keep in mind that price declines can be as rapid as increases. As the price has experienced a sharp increase in recent months, experts fear the formation of a bubble.

Despite these criticisms, a number of investors have already made considerable profits with bitcoin. As cryptocurrencies are no longer just a game of geeks or revolutionaries of the monetary system, bitcoin has grown enormously in 2017. Basically, the rule is the same as for any other financial investment: you should not invest more money than what you are willing to lose in the worst case. Here you will find the current bitcoin price.

Where can you buy bitcoins?

According to a survey, eleven percent of respondents in Switzerland would like to invest in bitcoins in 2018 and nine percent already have them. * But how to buy cryptocurrencies?

The easiest way is to go to a digital exchange. There are national and international stock exchanges for each cryptocurrency. It defines the counter value in francs of bitcoins, the payment being made using a credit card. That said, not all exchanges are serious, so it is good to find out before buying.

The best known stock exchange is bitcoin lifestyle.It comes from the United States and has been adopted by 32 countries. If you prefer a European stock exchange, you can register with bitcoin lifestyle login. Bitcoin Suisse AG is based in Switzerland and is a member of the Association for Quality Assurance in the Field of Financial Services (VQF). The Bity Bourse also has its headquarters in Switzerland.

How to store bitcoins safely?

After buying cryptocurrencies on a stock exchange, it is the latter that will manage your assets. Bitcoins belong to you of course but they are on the stock exchange account, which is called the wallet. In the past, the attacks have mainly targeted the stock markets. It is therefore recommended to transfer bitcoins to a personal wallet. You will get the unique code for your bitcoins. Consider saving this code on multiple devices, which will preferably be offline.

Remember, however, that if you lose the code, your money will be lost.

If the price of bitcoins continues to rise, this will only further attract the interest of hackers. The blockchain itself is certainly perfectly secure, but the personal computer is not always so. A little comparison: overall, as a currency, the Swiss franc is very difficult to manipulate. This won’t stop pickpockets from stealing one or the other bill from your wallet, however. The security of your bitcoins depends on that of your virtual wallet. It is for this reason that insurance exists today for cryptocurrencies. Your cryptocurrency is notably covered by Safe Pay cyber Insurance. If someone therefore misuses your data, manages to access your wallet and steals your cryptocurrency, La Baloise will compensate this financial loss up to CHF 20,000.

Sell bitcoins and pay in bitcoins

Bitcoins are also sold on the stock market. It’s very simple on bitcoin lifestyle login for example. You just need to register with your email address. Payment is made by immediate transfer, by PayPal or in the form of Amazon checks. Bitcoin lifestyle login , for its part, requires no registration.. It guarantees a very fast payment: very often, we receive the money the same day. This exchange even offers ATMs of coins on different sites in Switzerland.

Again, for the time being, bitcoin cannot yet be considered a stable payment instrument. However, in Switzerland, it is already possible today to pay in e-money in certain stores and even at certain SBB ATMs.

A transaction between two wallets is also possible with a QR code and the appropriate app. The purses of the buyer and the seller are adapted once the transaction is confirmed by minors. This check lasts about ten minutes.