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World Economic Forum on Africa

WEF on Africa to focus on inclusive growth

The 27th World Economic Forum on Africa, which will take place next week, will focus on achieving inclusive growth. The WEF will take place at...

Five facts that prove South Africa’s nuclear power plan should die

Under the presidency of Jacob Zuma, South Africa has been trying to implement a massive new nuclear programme. The initiative stood against a growing...

A view from the Gautrain cockpit

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Government looks at economic spin off for 4IR

Government looks at economic spin off for 4IR

Government will, through the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), coordinate its efforts to ensure that South Africans derive an economic spin...
South Africa's creditworthiness and downgrading. Photo: Die Vryburger

South Africa’s creditworthiness and downgrading

South Africa's economists are probably learning a hard economic lesson. Once a rating company questions a country's creditworthiness and there is a downgrade, it's...

More South Africans receive grants than have jobs – a recipe...

There are more people receiving social grants in South Africa than there are people with jobs. This is the finding from the latest South...
Banks warn against land grabs. Photo: Die Vryburger

Banks warn against land grabs

The Banking Association of SA (BASA) issued a warning that should land be "stolen" without compensation that this would lead to further downgrading by...
South African economy on a downhill slide

South African economy on a downhill slide

The South African economy is experiencing its longest downward business cycle in more than 73 years, and prospects ahead do not look good. This is...
Parastatals note suspension from BLSA. Image: blsa.org.za

Parastatals note suspension from BLSA

Transnet and Eskom have noted their suspension from Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA). “Eskom has noted BLSA’s decision to suspend the company’s membership with immediate...

Allan Gray commits to putting pressure on Net1

Nearly 100 South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) beneficiaries from Witzenberg Municipality communities in the Western Cape are calling for an end to the...
The South African Cuckoo Clock They Forget to Wind Up.

The South African Cuckoo Clock They Forget to Wind Up

Some time ago I was compelled to write an article about the stat of South Africa called "A Rose in the Garden of Corruption."...
Stock market performs poorly

Stock market performs poorly

Sasfin, David Shapiro said in a report that stocks such as PSG, Discovery, Capitec, Coronation, Blue Label and DisChem had performed the worst in...
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