Which Certification Is Best: AWS or Azure?


Since the advent of cloud computing, many organizations have quickly shifted their business to the cloud environment. Due to this trend in the IT sector, the demand for professionals trained in cloud architecture and development is rising dramatically. Due to this reason, two of the leading cloud providing platforms – AWS and Azure are continuously working to improve their performance and services. Also, given the job growth resulting from cloud computing, the market demand for cloud computing professionals holding relevant certifications has shot up in recent months.

Since both platforms offer a variety of cloud-based certifications, it becomes challenging to determine which certification should be regarded as more beneficial and valuable; Azure or AWS. Presently, AWS is considered to be the leading cloud solutions provider holding an impressive percent of market share.

However, Microsoft Azure is continuously working to improve the quality of its tools and services, giving AWS a tough competition to deal with. Since the cloud industry is predicted to expand and reach up to $26 billion by 2021, this will also greatly increase the demand for certified professionals in cloud computing. The selection between AWS and Azure certification is a popular topic among aspiring IT professionals seeking cloud certifications to strengthen their credibility.

How To Get Started

It is extremely important before opting for any cloud-based certification that you first work on your cloud basics and improve your knowledge of cloud-related operations. You need to analyze your capabilities and learn about your strengths and weaknesses. You need to have a clear idea of basic cloud architecture and various operations involved which include switching, routing, designing and data management, before selecting any particular technology pertaining to any particular vendor.

AWS Certifications

AWS is one of the leading platforms of cloud-based services holding arguably the most extensive enterprise camp. The most important feature that sets it apart from other cloud-based platforms is that it provides plenty of resources that are free or at a low price. This encourages aspiring IT professionals and organizations to invest in cloud-based training and certifications even if they have a limited amount of capital to invest in certifications and training. For instance, A Cloud Guru with preparatory examinations as well as IAAS Academy.

With the help of these online resources, you can easily prepare for the exam even if you are not taking classes for preparing for the exam. In this way, you can have a better understanding of the fundamentals as well as advanced knowledge of cloud-based operations.

AWS offers a wide range of certifications that are specially designed according to different roles of cloud computing.  But the most prominent certification that is offered by AWS is AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

AWS has a total of nine certifications. They are divided into the following levels:

  1. AWS Foundational Level certification
  2. AWS Associate Level certifications
  3. AWS Professional Level Certifications
  4. AWS Specialty certifications

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is the most popular and sought-after certification offered by the AWS. Business organizations are constantly in search of professionally trained and qualified cloud experts who can create and deploy applications in an AWS based environment. In order to qualify for this certification, it is better that you gain a few years of practical experience in creating AWS-based applications.

Through this certification, you can validate your skills so that you can put forth operational suggestions for the arrangement as well as supplying AWS-based applications. Once you clear this exam, you can further expand your skills and expertise by going for the AWS Developer Associate certification. This will help you to diversify your portfolio, and you will have a professional profile that will increase your chances of securing better jobs globally as well as being promoted.

Microsoft Azure Certification

Presently, Microsoft has a total of three credentials for Azure. Each certification is designed for a specific role. One is Azure Architect Certification, specifically designed for architects, and whereas, another is specifically created for Linux, and the third one has been come up with specifically for the role of Visual Studio web-developers. Also, Azure-based cloud job vacancies have increased drastically as organizations worldwide are going for Azure instead of any other cloud vendor.

The most popular Azure certification offered is the Certified Solutions Expert. This certification serves as a gateway for pursuing more advanced-level cloud-based role such as administration, cloud designing and architect and security functions in organizations. Also, to pursue these advanced-level certifications, it is better that you clear the Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect certification first.

As this certification serves as a prerequisite for more expert- level certifications. Azure is also a leading name when it comes to cloud computing. It is believed that Azure seems to be more focused on organizations, whereas AWS is more targeted towards customers. Individuals who have less professional experience in cloud computing and want to improve their knowledge about cloud computing fundamentals usually prefer Azure certification as their elementary level certifications are quite popular and in great demand.

Additional Features And Services

Government related sites have to follow specific rules and regulations. Therefore, managing Government data and information on the cloud can be difficult. However, Microsoft Azure and AWS offer special services for users who work for the government. Both vendors offer training to keep data of such individuals confidential so that it won’t be accessed by regular users.

Final word

Both AWS and Azure cloud certifications have their respective merits and offer unique skills for a career in cloud network management. Depending on your career goals and the requirements of each certification, you can choose which one to go for. Because there is a whole suite of certifications, in this case, you can assess your own position in terms of skill and experience level as well as career position to decide whether you want to go for a foundation, associate or higher level certification.

Regardless of what you choose, remember that it is always necessary to update yourself by refreshing your knowledge and going for the latest certifications.




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