WFH now means ‘Work From Holiday’

WFH now means ‘Work From Holiday’
WFH now means ‘Work From Holiday’

Many companies have found decentralising their workforces surprisingly simple under lockdown rules. According to business trends, what started off as an enforced way of working and adapting to new structures of work, management and reporting, has proved popular and looks set to live on beyond the pandemic.

However, remote working from home does not come without its added pressures. For many, a less-than-ideal environment, infrastructure challenges and juggling work with family responsibilities make working from home challenging. Leaders in all-inclusive holidays, Club Med, also believes this new way of remote working is going to become a fixture. With this in mind, they have introduced the ‘Work Hub’ concept at their resorts around the world. Not only does the Work Hub by Club Med integrate work and play into the fabric of the Club Med experience, the offering takes away the pressures of working from home.

“We trust that people, now more than ever, will want to live the present moment fully,” says Club Med Southern Africa Vice President Olivier Hannaert. “As Club Med we want to offer our guests the opportunity to experience every moment – whether engaging in work or play – with the best infrastructure, surrounded by their loved ones in some of the most beautiful places on earth”.

Many hotels and resorts offer dreary ‘business centre’ facilities, tucked away behind the scenes for emergency work requirements. Recognising that work and leisure are going to be increasingly intertwined in future, the Club Med ‘Work Hub’ concept gives G.M.’s (‘Great Members’, as Club Med guests are known) the chance to get away with their families for well-earned post-pandemic relaxation, but still get their work done remotely, in well-equipped spaces in keeping with the renowned Club Med vibe and level of service.

State of the art business infrastructure will be available for guests, and with Club Med’s award-winning kids’ clubs on site, juggling work and family time is made easy as trained G.Os will entertain the kids while parents get to work. With this comes more freedom – a scenic commute and more flexibility. And once work is done, there are over 49 signature activities for the family to enjoy together!

The Work Hub spaces will feature in Gourmet Lounge or Meeting Room areas depending on the location. These will have increased, strict sanitising and cleaning protocols which are being implemented across every Club Med resort to ensure safety within the ‘Club Med Cocoon’. The relaxing, calm areas will offer amenities like free high-speed internet access, coffee and gourmet snacks with social distancing enforced and monitored, and touch points sanitised every three hours.

Club Med has also implemented health and safety measures as several resorts across the world start receiving local guests with adapted catering offerings, changes to sporting activities and a host of measures designed to ensure peace of mind for both G.M’s and staff – while retaining the Club Med spirit of conviviality and tranquillity. The health and safety measures that Club Med had in place have been strengthened via a specific protocol, “Safe together”. These new measures, approved by a Scientific Committee, are also being certified by Cristal International Standards, a world leader in monitoring health and safety processes.

Resorts in Europe including Cefalù, Kamarina, Pragelato (Italy), Gregolimano (Greece) and Da Balaia (Portugal) opened on the 4th of July and Palmiye (Turkey) will open its doors on the 11th of July with comprehensive health measures in place. Sandpiper Bay Resort in Florida has been welcoming guests from the United States since the 12th of June, and in July, the Kabira and Tomamu resorts in Japan will be open for local guests to enjoy their all-inclusive holidays.

“Club Med has survived – and thrived – through many cataclysmic situations over the past 70 years, including earthquakes, political and economic crises, typhoons, and even wars – and we’ve always returned on the scene stronger than before,” says Hannaert. “If you recall, Club Med was founded in 1950, right after the Second World War, in a time when the global economy was broken, so we are no strangers to challenging situations”.

Club Med Work Hubs will initially be set up in resorts across Mauritius, Italy, France, Portugal and Greece and include:

  • La Pointe aux Canonniers, Mauritius
  • Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon, France
  • Les Arcs Panorama, France
  • Valmorel, France
  • Serre-Chevalier, France
  • Vittel Ermitage, France
  • Vittel Le Parc, France
  • Opio en Provence, France
  • Palmyre Atlantique, France
  • Da Balaia, Portugal
  • Pragelato, Italy
  • Cefalú, Italy
  • Gregolimano, Greece

“Our belief is there will be increased demand for resorts that are less densely populated, giving newfound importance to what has been at the core of Club Med’s philosophy since its inception, exactly 70 years ago – resorts that are integrated in, and respectful of, their surrounding natural environments and are spread out across larger areas, with low-rise buildings that blend in, rather than traditional concrete high-rises,” says Hannaert.

To find out more about the changes Club Med is making to help ensure social distancing and safety, while maintaining the brand’s soul, visit