Wallet Factory Expands it Regional Presence in MEA by Partnering with MDSap

Wallet Factory Expands it Regional Presence in MEA by Partnering with MDSap

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE/AETOSWire)– Wallet Factory, a FinTech service and enterprise solution provider, is pleased to announce the official opening of its new office in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The company has boosted its regional presence in the MEA region through a strategic and exclusive partnership with MDSap, a Gold Partner of SAP and part of the Midis Group that serves enterprise customers in MENA, Turkey and Central Europe.

The expansion of Wallet Factory in the Middle East and Africa reflects the company’s strong commitment to providing more comprehensive support to its partners during communication with current and prospective customers in the region.

“We are thrilled to partner with MDSap, a leading provider of high quality professional services that implements world-class integrated solutions,” said Michael Miro, CEO of Wallet Factory. “Dubai is an expected step for us to grow the business in the MEA region. While opening a new office, we want to come closer to all our clients in the region and enhance sales communication together with our exclusive partner.”

Wallet Factory has delegated Kirill Zhuchkov, its Chief Business Development Officer, to take the lead in implementing the company’s regional sales strategy and facilitating the process of long-term partnership development. A group of designated product experts will assist the MDSap team in terms of streamlining sales-focused interaction with enterprise clients.

“As an integral part of the Midis Group, MDSap has over twenty-five years of experience supporting enterprise customers across the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Eastern Europe regions,” said Tony Achkar, Group Managing Director of MDSap. “We welcome our partnership with Wallet Factory, a leading provider of Mobile financial services offering cutting edge solutions for industries operating in the B2B, B2C sector. This partnership will be extremely beneficial for both organizations.”

Along with ensuring comprehensive sales support, Wallet Factory is planning to provide its partners, clients, and prospects with more details on the latest enterprise solutions and services based on the WaaS (Wallet-as-a-Service) business model.