How to start a t-shirt printing business at home in Africa


If you have been thinking about starting a home-based T-shirt business and sell online, it’s essential that you understand that it is a competitive sector in e-commerce. However, if you want to succeed in this venture, you will need to ensure that your brand stands out from the rest. To ensure this, you should look for high-quality items, design your t-shirt, and create a good brand image.

That might sound like a challenging process, particularly if are beginning an e-commerce
business for the first time. The objective of this post is to offer you the essential information you need to establish a successful home-based T-shirt business. Here are eight steps that you should follow to begin your T-shirt printing business at home now:

Step by step guide for becoming a t-shirt seller

Step One: Design your T-shirt

When you are launching a T-shirt business, your design ideas are significant. If your
creations have incredible designs, you are already on top of the game since your products will serve as a strong base for the success of your business. It’s easy to promote great items, so you should try to get this part right by being creative.

Try out a wide variety of T-shirt designs available in different t-shirt design websites. Look for those design ideas that relate to your label, and identify those that will go well with your T-shirts and target audience. If you are not confident designing incredible products for your home-based t-shirt business, you can seek assistance from experts. You can contact some local designers near you, who will probably be willing to offer their services. Besides, you can also take advantage of the available online freelance platforms which you can utilize to liaise with some freelance designers.

Step Two: Test your t-shirt design

Once you have come up with a couple of good design ideas for your business, you will need to validate your designs. You might think that the designs you assembled are ready for printing, but other people might point out some essential improvements that will eventually enhance your products. It’s also essential that the feedback you get for your t-shirt designs is unbiased. To achieve this, you can post your designs on different forums. You can also contact some local consultants near you to get some professional feedback. These experts will provide you with an unbiased and professional opinion.

Online forum platforms can prove to be an important tool when you are evaluating the
success of your business designs. Post your potential designs on relevant online discussion platforms, and you will get honest feedback from the audience who have an interest in your items. If you get positive feedback from your post, you already have some prospective clients who you can reach out to once you launch your t-shirts.

Step Three: Create a brand name

You can design and begin selling t-shirts over the internet within a short time, but if you want to make a living out of it, you should develop an official investment. Beginning a business starts with coming up with a brand name. The business name you create should reflect your t-shirts, but it should not limit your capacity to grow your line of t-shirts. While you might do your business entirely from home, you should also set up your website, and for that, you will need to purchase a domain name.

Step Four: Register your business

Together with a brand name, you should determine the structure of your business and get the appropriate permits and licenses. A business license is issued by your county business office or local city office. If you are using an online t-shirt service and you sell your products via its online portal, you might not require any sales tax permits. However, if you are planning to sell your products in-person or through your website, you will have to obtain a sales tax permit through a controller office in your state.

Step Five: Protect your t-shirt designs

In the same way, you do not want to infringe on other brand’s trademark or copyright; you don’t want other people profiting from your design as well. Consider protecting your logo, slogan, and design through trademark or copyright.

Step Six: Price your t-shirt

You should review different t-shirt design options to establish the price you will afford. This price will depend on the number, and size of the colors of the t-shirt design, the quality of the shirt you choose, and the type of printing you select. Depending on the cost, you should price your products so that you can cover all your costs. Also factor in what the market is willing to pay because you do not want to have a t-shirt price that people will not pay.

Step Seven: Choose a t-shirt printer

There are two ways to select from when you want to print t-shirts. You can choose to print your shirts independently or use a paid service. If you decide to buy a t-shirt printer, there are several methods you can use which will help you determine the kind of t-shirt printing machine that you will purchase. My friend Jhol Khan writes about top 10 best t shirt printing machine on the market today. View his reviews here

Each printing technique has its pros and cons, so before you make a big purchase such as a t-shirt printer, you should be conversant with them.

There are three ways to print your t-shirts. You can either use digital printing, screen printing, or heat transfer and each type requires a different machine as well as the process. It is essential to determine the method which will best fit your investment and to implement it before starting your t-shirt printing venture.

Step Eight: Market your t-shirt.

You can market your t-shirt using many available ways, but it all starts with identifying the best buyers for your t-shirt, where you can find them, and putting your product in front of the buyers. If your target population is college students, you should market your products where the college students hang out both online and off. Some of the marketing ideas often include bazaars or craft shows, Facebook or any other PPC advertising, e-commerce site and Etsy.


So, these are eight vital steps that will assist you in launching your home-based t-shirt
business effectively. Start by designing your t-shirt, then validate your designs, create a
brand name, register your business, protect your t-shirt designs, and market your products to stand up from your competitors.

If your t-shirt business is not doing well, or you want to start a t-shirt printing business, this article will help you do things the right way and build a profitable business as well.

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