Hoo makes Middle East debut with Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai

Hoo makes Middle East debut with Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AETOSWire) : Hoo — the world’s leading blockchain assets service platform made its debut in the region at the Future Blockchain Summit. Founded in 2018 and after 3 years of development, Hoo Group’s business offering entails the entire blockchain ecosystem with over 2.4 million total users covering more than 120 countries and regions worldwide. It is currently more than a platform; it is also a comprehensive blockchain industry with an ecological infrastructure, technology research and development, industry research, and others to support the local growth of blockchain technology and applications.

The summit which is being held from October 17th to 20th, at the Dubai World Trade Center brings together the world’s top blockchain technology developers, innovative companies, and investors to showcase the changes that blockchain brings to the world.

This summit was initiated by the Dubai government in 2018 and is the largest blockchain technology and application exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa.

Dubai’s open regulation of trading activities accelerates crypto ecosystem prosperity

Compared with the prohibition of crypto-asset trading activities in some countries, Dubai’s relevant regulatory policies give Hoo the operability to apply for becoming a compliant operation platform.

Friendly policies, openness and tolerance and support of the blockchain ecosystem are some of the main reasons for its choice of Dubai. The support for the crypto economy has made Dubai attractive to many crypto-asset trading platforms, with Hoo establishing its global operation centre here soon.

“In Dubai, there are people from all over the world, relying on its geography and culture. Dubai can attract the attention of users from the Arabian Peninsula and Arab countries, and this market is still quite big. In addition, Dubai is located in the middle of the Middle East, not far from Europe, Southeast Asia, India and other countries and regions, and can also provide services for global compliance countries and regions.” Founder of Hoo, Rexy Wang said. “Dubai is a great springboard for Hoo; we can put the core team of developers and products in Dubai. When we expand into other regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc., we will also build a market and operation team based on local conditions.” Wang concludes.

From these development footprints, it seems that Dubai has the intention to be “all-in” in blockchain.

Wang added that under the favourable policy environment, Hoo has reached a cooperation with the Dubai government and will use the entire office building provided by the Dubai government as its global operation headquarters to carry out global business based on the Middle East region.