5 Top Professional Opportunities To Explore During The Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Top Professional Opportunities To Explore During The Coronavirus Pandemic
5 Top Professional Opportunities To Explore During The Coronavirus Pandemic. Image source: Pixabay


  • Are you looking to explore credible business opportunities during the Coronavirus Pandemic?
  • Have you been laid-off from your work because of the lockdown in different parts of the world?
  • Do you know how you can generate substantial income or create a second source of income during these testing times?

In the last three-odd months, the world has experienced its most difficult challenge. Apart from the World Wars and the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Coronavirus pandemic has emerged as humanity’s biggest challenge.

Apart from destruction of physical human lives directly from the virus, the pandemic has caused massive economic destruction. Millions of people have been laid off in different parts of the world.

While governments continue to print money and offer stimulus packages, it is the people themselves, who need to be smart, motivated and driven to look for or create viable economic opportunities to sustain themselves.

In this article, we look at the top five professional opportunities that people can explore during the Coronavirus.

To 5 Income Generating Opportunities during the Coronavirus Lockdown

1. Start Investing and Trading in Cryptocurrencies-

Like the precious metal Gold, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have not only held their value, but also appreciated significantly. From the time the pandemic began, crypto in addition to gold has been the two assets, which are proving to be a solid hedge against inflation.

Established crypto trading platform, Anon System points out that when the economic markets started crashing in mid-March; Bitcoin was valued at $3000 USD. In less than two months, it rallied to close above the $9.5K mark. Imagine if you would have invested in 1 Bitcoin back then, how much your investments would be worth now!

2. Become a Social Media Influencer and Reviewer-

If you have been reading the news, you would have noticed how social media usage has drastically increased during the lockdown. In other words, people are spending a lot more time online, than they ever did.

If you have an interest or are passionate about an area, you can give social media influencing a shot. All you need to do is create and curate high quality content, which you feel will be well appreciated by people. Start by reviewing some products or services and help others. Within some time, you will gain followers; brands will start reaching out to you.

3. Explore a Career as a WordPress Blogger-

While many people mistakenly think of blogging as a past-time hobby, few realise that it can be a serious source of income. Credible bloggers, who have 1k+ traffic on their website make upwards of $2.5K per month.

In order to begin a career as a blogger, you would need to do two main things- create a basic WordPress Blog site and set up your social media profiles. Even if you can invest a couple of hours every day, you will be able to compile a 500-600 word article and share the same on social media pages. This will open up many income-generating possibilities.

4. Bicycle or Motorcycle Delivery Person-

When many businesses are shutting down and laying off people, Ecommerce companies like Amazon are on a hiring spree. This is because people are looking to all their supplies home delivered during the pandemic.

From food to groceries to medicines, nearly every ecommerce company is on the lookout for people who can deliver supplies. It is important that you have in place proper protective gear like PPEs, Face Masks, Hand Gloves and Sanitizers with you at all times. You can easily earn $10-$15 USD per hour, depending on where you are located.

5. Sign up on Freelancing Platforms

While freelancers and freelancing platforms have been there for some time, they are seeing heavy growth in the last three odd months. Businesses need to keep working, but they also need to keep cutting down costs.

Many companies are letting go of their normal employees and assigning work to freelancers in different parts of the world. For companies, it means lesser jobs and more savings. For freelance individuals it means, more credible and stable income earning opportunities are available during the lockdown.


If you explore the right channels, follow up on the right leads and invest a small sum, you will be able to generate income. Rather than sit at home and feel depressed about the situation, it is better if you motivate yourself and create a viable, healthy and steady source of revenue.

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